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Terms and Conditions 

Hello there! Interested in getting a corgi puppy?
Read our buyer terms and conditions below. These are put in place to ensure that our puppies go to the best fur-ever homes with responsible dog parents!
- All of our puppies are sold with the intention of being pets, meaning they cannot be used for breeding or show animals.
- The owner contract (Puppy Contract) signed by all buyers includes a spay/neuter agreement. This is currently non-negotiable, and we will not be accommodating any requests for breeding rights of puppies at this time.   
-Buyers must agree to care for their puppy in a humane and responsible manner, including but not limited to providing it clean and adequate shelter, proper nutritional food, water, and veterinary care.
-Buyers must be aware that purchasing a puppy is a lifetime commitment (one of the best in our opinion!) and requires extensive time and commitment. We ask that buyers ensure all members of the household agree to purchasing the puppy and commit to caring for it. The dog shall reside with the buyer.
-The Buyer must notify the Breeder if the dog cannot be kept by the buyer. The dog will be returned to the Breeder for relocation if the original Buyer cannot keep the dog for any reason.
- Your puppy will be given all required vaccination series due (according to age of the dog) at the time of purchase. It is the buyer's responsibility to finish all required vaccinations and keep the dog completely vaccinated at all time. 
- All buyers must acknowledge and sign our Puppy Contract in order to complete to purchase of their puppy. 
-Once Buyer completes the pre-screen form (located here) and is cleared by Breeder they will be placed on a wait list for a puppy. When we have a litter and puppies available and Buyer has passed the pre-screen process, the Breeder will contact the next Buyer on the list. At that time a $500 deposit will be due via PayPal/Zelle/Venmo to the Breeder to reserve a puppy. This list is ordered on a first-come basis and failure to pay the deposit will result in removal from the list.
- Puppies are $2000 (this includes the $500 deposit). Final balance is due when Buyer picks up puppy. 
Questions? Please contact us here
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